brand new day

thanksgiving brake was great. So glad to be back out of CT tho. I need to move in a hurry. metamorphasis.


To due lyzst

Things to do:
  • pack and move out of my apartment
  • figure out real estate issues in India
  • go to mos def and talib kweli concert
  • get a job in california

Life has been okay, i have been just depressed, perhaps it is the weather or maybe just providence. Either way its not an excuse for being a lazy bastard.

i need direction.
i need to go to the gym.
i need to exercise my mind.
i need to read.
i need to just..



california dreamin

my luck has run dry everything is falling apart.

so i gotta get away from here


1000 words

I think the most interesting thing is straight up pics, writing is good to supplement it, however people don't read.

yes...i am saying i am better than you

sunday mornings

Ahh what a great weekend, this has been great. I'm looking forward to work as i finished all my hard shit up last week. Saturday i got 2 hang overs...yes 2, played some beirut at 1 pm and magically 4 horas later i was housed and had to go to family event.... Ordinarily this would be bad however, i had an accomplice and we both were housed and had a great time. After suffering thru the detox period at like 9ish 10, we went out again... Different accomplice, same verdict... the long of short of it is, we got home at 3 am and i just woke up now...

back to teh grind, gotta do laundry, eat some delicious indian food and watch some football.




Got mad work to do. MAd work.... gotta get thru this



well this weekend was a blast, got rocked, met up with heads, saw some movies, ate some sick thai food and drank lots of beer and sapphire tonics.

I want to move to NYC, i'm just a broke bastard and i don't have a job in the city.

more info when i get a chance, i actually have mad work to do!!



its wednesday, yesterday was diwali, rama made it back to ayodthya just fine.
i have no idea what i'm doing this weekend, i should be going to nyc to see my cousins movie premiere. Also should chill with people in the city. Will find out today the real status of california, which i am eager to finally hear.

In a interesting twist my new co-worker is the man. Well i mean he's a really cool guy then after much pestering he told me how how he dated amitab bachan's daughter in college!!! like he chilled with abhishek and a few others. This is not the most amazing thing, yet still better than most. Either way its a cool story.

in a twist of fate.
i'm moving back downstairs.