w00t its friday, and only 1 week away from Atlantis and the beautiful bahamas!
california tommorrow, moving out also


it is the winter of your discontent.

why can't i go out and play in the snow? you are prolly too mature to be reading this.

yellow ice is the best.



snoop dogg

cingular sucks the left testicle

which beautiful baby am i picking this weekend?

all your names end in an A

kabhi kabhi mere dil me khayal atha hai!!!

5:28, t minus 7 minutes until freedom


friday bloody friday

This week has been interesting, almost moved, didn't, almost moved again, didn't. I did think slightly about competition. My major problem is the lack of competition for performance. I need to be challenged to truly shine. This is an excuse for my laziness. by god i know its true.

the 23 blues, its an inbetween year, too old for the college scene, too young for the yuppie scene. Its all good tho, i ain't complaining....er i guess i am.

drink spite.

currently digging - shalimar the clown

currently blasting- apache indian - pyaar pyaar

hit u up in the weekendizzle