move over

Alright, so if you don't know then there is a reason. But my current situation has put me into a position with an oppurtunity.

So first of all, my boy is a promoter in the city, which is fabulous since he get me into clubs and shit. While he's a brilliant business man, lacks the saavy of the techno-nerd, which i have ample amounts of. So after scrutinuzing the competition, there is a site out there. clubplanet.com

They have a shitload of venues, they are aiming at profits of 22 millino this year alone. They offer a number of services which are well beyond anything we want to deal with. However an oppurtunity exists for a geographically based system which ties in new technologies no one has even thought of.


one of my favorite comments is
actions speak louder than words
and while its blantantly obvious what it means, i find the majority of people either (1) believe it, but feel as though it doesn't affect them or (2) can not deal with the inference that people don't want to hear them talking.

I for one, talk a lot, i know it, blabbering about random shit all the time. However i don't feel that i fall entirely into the second category, only because when push comes to shove, i do back up words with action, or at the lease admit my inability to follow through.

The main group this affects are the fools out there who constantly are in denial that they are incapable of change or at the very least the change is difficult. While anyone who knows me knows i am a pessimist and generally negative. Don't look at me like that, its true, you probably are a piece of shit, but pretend to not be. Holden Caulfied in nature, i think most people are phonies.

i think its from living in the city, where everyone wants to pretend they are someone they're not. start taking action people instead of pretending.

that goes for me too...



full circle, rebirth

v 2.0 will eclipse the competition

cheers bitches


Ol Skool Videos

Back in the day this was one of our anthems, with my inability to actually put content on this spot i'm going to take the short cut like usual and post this dope video.



whered you go?

the flow to the golden empire needs to be reborn, its dying. I can not end up another mindless suit. Its makin me crazy, need to challenge my mind and reach financial independence....oh yea, thats really all i want.


Send to a FrienD

I think i may kill this blog and compile all my insanity into a huge document...

my creativity is stunted by my ADD and lack of focus.

get ready for the project "bollywood movie"


golden child

Now as I am sure everyone knows that crazy shit is going down in Lebanon and Israel, mad heads are dying left and right. While it is a controversial topic in general, can an argument with someone regarding a different perspective create the loss of a friendship? While initially there are number of unknowns like, what is the friendship like, which sides, the partie's backgrounds, the partie's tendencies and attitude. The answer i believe is no, but i do think that arguments/conflicts of any nature when two sides take rigid stances, allows a channel for latent feelings and urges to become imminent.

So in an indirect way, yes.

While i am not going to discuss the viewpoints and stances taken within the argument which in one partie's mind was a "fight" opposed to an argument, is just one example of the miscommunication and interpretation.

I think there were too many assumptions made by both parties, that led to the dismay that happened. While one party was lacking substantiated proof, and connecting dots/ties on their own without knowing all the facts, the other party was making personal attacks on integrity and lack of intelligence. While both parties are blatantly idiots, the latter perhaps more, both imagined their assertions to be correct. Once again i believe this lies within the scope of the argument and the methods used by both parties. One party may be used to a systematic structured method of arguing points, which may not use reasoning as often as it should, perhaps similar to the legal system in this country as the probability of acquittal is directly related to the amount of money spent on your representation. Another party may be used to a much looser way of arguing which only involves logic and takes into account truths opposed to spoken words which in some cases can be complete contradictions. Both parties have similar goals, trying to convince the other party of their view and if possible to concede defeat. Here in lies a conflict within itself that has no bearing on the actual topic being discussed. When you mix in unknown factors, as stated in the introduction the situation can lead to disarray very fast.

And while this post has been made in general, i am sure you can tell i am one of the parties within a conflict of this nature.

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."
- Carl Jung
I feel that this quote has significant bearance without my specific conflict. Anyone who does know me, knows my tendencies, and my technique which can resort to personal attacks and unneccessary provocation. I am able to admit this, however i do allow for logic and reason to govern my overall opinion on the topic. Frustration often leads to the less than appropriate arguments, within reason ofcourse. The problem stems from opinion and the lack of knowledge within the areas. I for one, do not tolerate an opinion based on a lack of knowledge. I.E. if i know about a subject material MORE than the other party in hand, i will make the other party aware of this fact and point out the holes in their logic due to their lack of knowledge. This can often be interpreted as a personal attack, which due to the nature of language in general can be true. HOWEVER, if you are the party with the lack of knowledge, you should acknowledge this fact and realize that you may have erred in your logic. I am often faced with this when arguing with many people, and would rather gain insight into my illogic than take their points/attacks personally.

To make a final point on this topic, the argument was quite atrocious as both parties had a serious lack of knowledge with various areas, leading to a shitstorm. After hearing people WITH knowledge, i believe both parties can see the errors in their logic along with a sound understanding of the opposing parties points.

However the escalation of the shitstorm has brought up serious levels of agression and animosity between both parties. When personal attacks are escalated to the point of direct attacks of character and intelligence, shit will inevitable go down. When a party blatantly says that the other is ignorant and stupid, nothing will help. Nor if a party says that the other party things the world revolves around them.

Since this is my blog and is completely biased i will be taking my stance at this point. There are a number of factors which affected this conflict:
  1. The seriousness of the topic at hand, my party didn't take this nearly as serious as the other party, never at any point thinking that it could possibly end a friendship.
  2. The amount of latent agression which was unheard for many years, and allowed this argument to be the medium of discussing it.
  3. skeleton's in the closet.
Intelligent people do not feel the need to prove their intelligence to others.
Inferiority complexes according to Alfred Adler:
"A secondary inferiority feeling relates to an adult's experience of being unable to reach an unconscious, fictional final goal of subjective security and success to compensate for the inferiority feelings."

The roots of the inferiority feelings may be deeply embedded from various sources, childhood, the overshadowing of a successful sibling, a sense of guilt for not achieving at the levels desired, etc. All of these lead to insecurites with an individual's psyche.

What i think can be a brilliant indicator of this type of feelings is the presumtious nature of thinking that one has a significant impact on another parties insecurities. I can see this being a real possibility in certain situations if both parties do the same thing and have been for a significant amount of time, such as being pre-med in college and then going on to medical school and doing residency and eventually as doctors, 15 years with someone being significantly better than you can definitely affect your attitude, depending on the type of relationship between the two parties. BUT if both parties are doing completly different things, there is no correlation for success jealousy complex to occur. It can, but is highly unlikely. And in the specific case in hand, has no bearance.

In conclusion, skeletons in the closet are bad, they should be addressed, and conflicts/arguments should not be the medium for these issues to be surfaced. Also parties should not have a false impression that they are experts in subject matter that they may have taken a class in once. After taking an intro class in portfolio management does not warrant someone giving advice on stock investments at the same level as a portfolio manager managing a successful hedgefund for 15 years. You just don't do it, unless ofcourse you really are what your worst fears are...

I for one do not want to lose a friend over such ridiculous matter, burning bridges is not my style, but if the other party feels that way, then there is no point in discussing this.

I wish the best of success to all in their endeavors and in life. Cheers.



My india trip was fabulous, the wedding was beautiful, i plan on giving a full narration on what happened later on when i can post some of the pics.

winay beta

how come the vast majority of people suck?
serious shit has gone down since i last wrote, the italians triumphed over a team full of blacks and muslims... yea.... i woulda knocked him out if he called my mom a terrorist whore too...

What kills me is that some of my family is basically in the same category, not really, but i dunno where the racism comes from. Sad i must say, also quite homophobic.

bothers me a lot. actually what bothers me more is the fact that they have no fucking clue about anything...READ SOME FUCKING BOOKS!!!


NY state of mind

"Beyond the walls of intelligence, life is defined
I think of crime when I'm in a New York state of mind"
- Nas

So i've finally been in the city for a minute. Thats about it. I'll finish this later.


winded by chiCITY

Booyakasha, i'm back in the real city. Chitown was a grand old time. Actually i was locked up in St. Charles, IL about like 1 hr away from chitown. EVERYTHING IS SOOO BLOODY FLAT!!

Core analyst school was alright, slightly more fun than a root canal. 11 hours a day locked in a classroom and massive consumption of alcohol in the evenings, it was a cross of highschool and college. Although it could have been much worse, luckily i had some interesting characters in my group, we got Lotte, Baldy, John Wick, Barcelona, and Ztv. all interesting personas, must give the prize to Barcelona, pronounced 'Barshaloena', for skipping 4 hours of class and hiding in his room while security went looking for him during the Champions League final between Arsenal and Barcelona. up like 10 notches in my book. Our group was the dog's bollocks for sure, we won some accenture branded coffee holder/mug thingys.

There are a number of hilarious anecdotes from the trip, which could consume a number of pages, i may write out a few of them, infact i will at some point, most of the great ones are in regards to Ben aka. Josh Weinstein, and his knack to say the most hilarious shit at the most random times.

Anecdotes to expand on:
  • me getting attacked by a bush
  • me absorbing an entire glass of sam adams with my clothes
  • josh's statement about getting ass as soon as a chick walks on the elevator
  • josh's statement about liking black men with british accents
  • josh's statement in regards to him not being straight
  • me saying "where the fuck are we??? bombay??" and immediately getting a number
  • me bailing out of being a wingman when mayday signals were flying out
  • pretending to be a manager
  • saying "fuck you dude" to a faculty member while wasted, not realizing he is a faculty member
  • i'm the juggernaut BITCH!!!
  • getting taller with josh and krishna gopal reddy, haha

Anyways more to come as i explain the best ones in the future, overall the trip was good, met some cool heads who i'll hopefully chill with in chitown next time i visit.


Murray HiLL

yo check it, I've been in murray hill for the last 2 weeks, Terrible. either way my stint with jersey is nearly over, i shall be heading back to the city, however only to take a flight to chicago on sunday. Chi city should be a good time.

Summary of current events in my life:
the highlight of my day involves playing soccer with my lil cousin and his neighborhood. i feel like billy madison.

actually i have been exploring some new music, which ain't too bad, check out www.pandora.com

Tiesto - Love comes again(feat. BT)
don't give up - chicane(not new at all, but such a great song!!) this album is one of the best in my opinion

Anyways in the spirit of hilarity, hindi movies still crack me up beyond no believe. I dunno if anyone has seen Bluffmaster or the songs, either way seeing Abishek Bachan acting like a gansta is quite hilarious, although i must say priyanka chopra could have a successful future as a chick in music videos.

Everytime i watch hindi movies i get angry for some reason or another, 1) the dudes are usually horribly ugly and i feel that i could be a better actor, or i'm just jealous cause they got beautiful girls on their arms, probably the latter. 2) american-esqe music is so horrible that i feel i could put together better tracks in my sleep. Seriously i could probably take a dump on a piece of paper and come up with better lyrics.

Either way i'm never going to do anything about it, so i might as well just not watch hindi movies altogether. i'm yet to really figure out my subconscious anger towards indian people. that is altogether another thesis to write out. If any of you ever read my xanga you may have gotten some of my previous theories relating to my insanity. xangaid mahavinyl_nripa. I actually had an audience, primarily due to the fact i did nothing at my summer internship like 3 years ago. Scoured the internet for hot indian chicks and posted their pics, I'm talking style and grace, not the garbage pics that most desi people consider nice. There again i'm hating on desis, dunno why, do i think i'm better than them....

I'm a prick what can i say. I'm turning into a bastard clone also.

a desi yupster in manhattan, a suit in the morning, a black shirt and shiny shoes at night, $20 drinks i don't really want, but want to order. Talking to brown golddiggers interested in my car and where my apt is. This isn't life, its manufactured consumerism

I'm out. I'ts official, no more phoniness. TIME TO BE REAL.

peace i'm out of here, seeya in chicity, home of mass hysteria


Raja Yoga

You may ask what that state would be in which there is no mind, no knowledge. What we call knowledge is a lower state than the one beyond knowledge You must always bear in mind that the extremes look very much alike. If a very low vibration of either is taken as darkness, and an intermediate state as light, a very high vibration will be darkness again. Similarly, ignorance is the lowest state, knowledge is the middle state, and beyond knowledge is the highest state; the two extremes seem the same. Knowledge itself is a manufactured something, a combination; it is not Reality.

- Swami Vivekananda



Movin on up ....
to the Upper East Side

Yes you heard me, my new pad is at 82nd street between 1rst and 2nd ave....sadly closer to first, but i don't give a shit cause its in manhattan.

Anyways the job starts ont he 24th, movin' in sometime within the next week or so, gotta figure out what i'm bringing.

This is going to be great.



Swami Vivekananda is the man.

Neither memory nor consciousness can be the limitation of existence. There is a superconscious state. Both it and the unconscious state are sensationless, but with a vast diference between them - the difference between IGNORANCE and KNOWLEDGE.

Concentration of the mind is the source of all knowledge.

The mind is not the body, though it is matter in a finer form. It is NOT eternally bound by the body.

He whose senses rule him is worldy- is a SLAVE.
****i am screwed

You cannot be a yogi if you talk much.
****once again, screwed.

i will continue to add profound thoughts that i come across, these are just a taste of what i've been reading. The mind yearns for something deeper. Superconsciousness is something i think in ignorance was seeking through other mediums of sensory entertainment.

i'll keep u up to speed on my mental enlightenment, i'm still bound by my senses towards the new m5...sucks


Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics

You have any idea what that is??? well its the future of quatum physics, check this out. It's pretty nuts.

In other news, i learned how to put spin on a bowling ball yesterday... bet you can't do that!!

I don't have much to say as my life is quite boring, i am working from home and i can't drive.

2 WEEKS!!!



starry eyed surprise

Well i am like 87% right now, meaning that I can basically do everything i want to do, except drive a car. I will most likely be at work this coming week, although someone will need to give me a ride as i do not want to walk the 20 blocks in the freezing cold.

the futuristic, shagtastic, smelly feetistic Dr. Pal is coming to town today. Well Beantown, but close enough, i think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that Dr. Pal is going to Med school.

Anyways the sun is shining, and the weather outside is warming. I'm going to go bask in the sun in my living room.

Vertigo is slowly becoming my bitch. yea..thats write.



Vertigo is the culprit, i no longer have nausea which is a good sign. Anyways the ideal intention for this blog was my plans for becoming financially independant and not to have a boss. So i am back in that direction. I have with the help of my colleague crushed skipiphany and where it is going. To develop an entire electronic component is way to difficult for us at this point in our lives.

What type of comany is easiest to develop...no overhead and low startup capital... SOFTWARE...the best part is that we can outsource projects of this nature. So ideally nothing more than a couple hundred gees.

what type of software or service or content. a virtual company is easy, no product.

gotta figure out the service needed for the future. wireless makes the most sense



i've never been sick like this, I don't even know if i'm SICK. This is kinda nuts, but i've got the dizziness like a drunk person but i didn't drink yesterday!! Dr. Pal thinks its just dehydration and some weird mj that could be the culprit.

lying down


Mad props

"do you know what props mean?"

perhaps the most hysterical thing to be asked by a young-un.

my response, "doesn't that mean its totally rad, dude"

in truth the conversation never happened, however its still funny.
On a side note, i'm hit with the kryptonite at work and don't want to do anything. I actually had to re go thru this blog in order to make sure there was no info which could be misinterpreted by new readers...aka work people.

yea, if i get in trouble for any of this, mark my words, you will go down. It may be mentally, it may be your computer, it also may be my fist going through your face, while your getting into your apartment.

haha just kidding, i saw 4 brothers yesterday, explains the agressive violence.

ANYWAYS, back to reality and fake work.


do you know the muffin man???

i do...infact we used to hotbox the back of his entemann's truck.

Its friday...thank god.

ferry corsten - rock your body rock

i have spent soo long trying to find that song, a couple years, thanks pureDJ.com

payce kids i'm outta here


Point of no returN

Immortal Technique is treason to the patriot act
So come and get me mother fucker cause I'm not coming back

Universal truth is not measure in mass appeal
This is the last time that I kneel and pray to the sky
Cause almost everything that I was always ever told was a lie


Comment from anonymous yesterday.

So thats what it comes down to in the end? So top tier universities make you the man. You are worst than all of them.

I see people hating other people
Tell me what's the reason
For these wars we're fighting with each other
Season after season
When you're workin' hard, but there ain't nothing comin'
What's the reason?

You act like a bitch, shooting with his eyes closed.

Dear Anonymous,

Way to prove my point, I am worst than all of them, congratulations on your inability to read between lines. Maybe i'll break it down mono-syllabically for you to understand... the post was not meant for you... but it's understandable, it is fairly difficult to realize I am speaking about an individual...if you go to a community college or state school.... fucking retard.

By the way congrats on not being a bitch, shooting people with your eyes open is a much better approach.

For the sake of the art, don't quote NaS when it has no bearing on the argument...

anyways thanks for entertaining me for a few minutes, you should keep at it, you may have a future in entertainment.




Stay in your Space

To all the well-wishers to your face who secretly wish on your demise as a method of compensation for their own inadequacies.

The greatest danger
for most of us
is not that our aim is
too high
and we miss it,
but that it is
too low
and we reach it.

- Michelangelo

Your weak ass bullshit is no longer tolerable. I'm sick of being a nice guy. I was always fundamentally against the elitism which is often surrounds top tier universities.

Seriously, if you go to a community college don't try to prove anything to me. If you got to a state university shut the fuck up.



progress is underway, brainstorming is currently occuring, this is the point of no return.

Had a good conversation regarding the idea, now i'm getting stuck with actual work @ work, for some reason that is foreign to me.

motivation is an intrinsic quality needed.

arghh back to work


digable tuneZ

I'm a bastard it is true....while the team i am in is working heavily to circumvent a deadline, i spent the majority of the day on myspace music. my efforts are not with merit however, i did scrounge together a collection of fabolous tunes...

Tha liks – the flute song 2005

Tek – nothing’s gonna change

Talib kweli – getting up anthem

Camron - do your thing

Critical madness – dropped

Ghostface killah – be easy

Rkelly - player’s only

Talib kweli – my favorite mutiny

Supernatural – I’m a fighter

AZ – stay alive

P brothers feat. Milano – got it on me

Tragedy khadifi – break bread

Royce da 59 – blow that whistle

Blaq poet – we gonna ill

Lyrics born feat. Krs-1 – pack up (remix)

Immortal technique – the point of no return (BOTH ALBUMS)


Goldfrapp – supernature

Deep dish – say hello

Aphex twin – joyrex J5

Aphex twin - start as you mean

Atb – take me over, ecstasy

or die



rollin down 95

i need direction like tucker max

it's burnin'

revamped interest in skipiphany

gotta do it... hate this bullshit

IT is the worst job in the world

when will i move forward

koena mitra is ridiculous

ek haseena

i'm out gotta do work and get out of this bloody place.



i got hit really bad, I was out for like 3 days straight just sleeping, eating soup and reading/watching tv.

I was able to take a nice look at myself and what i need to do. Its 2006 i'm almost 24 and i need to jumpstart what i want to do or i'm going to end up in some shit job for the rest of my life.

So in the original interest of this blog, developing a business or idea which is beneficial and allows me to be financially independant i have decided to push indaGo further. This time, actually develop the concept further and developing an ideal implementation and get the ball rolling. I figured someone would have come up with the idea by now, however nothing appears to be really close.

In other news, the other Vinay actually had a great idea for outsourcing research assistance, aka become a sub contractor for academic research in the States. Ideallythe goal is to improve research within the area which is lacking qualified students and get some hungry kids in india some jobs. It looks feasible. Not too lucrative, but its a good idea.


gotta hold your head up high when shit gets tough...

living the easy life does not build character

currently listening to - bright eyes -gold mine gutted


New years resolutioN

wow its been a while, much has not changed since before. I have a lot to say but i feel like crap and i think i may be coming down with the flu...

yay for new years eve