Swami Vivekananda is the man.

Neither memory nor consciousness can be the limitation of existence. There is a superconscious state. Both it and the unconscious state are sensationless, but with a vast diference between them - the difference between IGNORANCE and KNOWLEDGE.

Concentration of the mind is the source of all knowledge.

The mind is not the body, though it is matter in a finer form. It is NOT eternally bound by the body.

He whose senses rule him is worldy- is a SLAVE.
****i am screwed

You cannot be a yogi if you talk much.
****once again, screwed.

i will continue to add profound thoughts that i come across, these are just a taste of what i've been reading. The mind yearns for something deeper. Superconsciousness is something i think in ignorance was seeking through other mediums of sensory entertainment.

i'll keep u up to speed on my mental enlightenment, i'm still bound by my senses towards the new m5...sucks