Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics

You have any idea what that is??? well its the future of quatum physics, check this out. It's pretty nuts.

In other news, i learned how to put spin on a bowling ball yesterday... bet you can't do that!!

I don't have much to say as my life is quite boring, i am working from home and i can't drive.

2 WEEKS!!!



starry eyed surprise

Well i am like 87% right now, meaning that I can basically do everything i want to do, except drive a car. I will most likely be at work this coming week, although someone will need to give me a ride as i do not want to walk the 20 blocks in the freezing cold.

the futuristic, shagtastic, smelly feetistic Dr. Pal is coming to town today. Well Beantown, but close enough, i think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that Dr. Pal is going to Med school.

Anyways the sun is shining, and the weather outside is warming. I'm going to go bask in the sun in my living room.

Vertigo is slowly becoming my bitch. yea..thats write.



Vertigo is the culprit, i no longer have nausea which is a good sign. Anyways the ideal intention for this blog was my plans for becoming financially independant and not to have a boss. So i am back in that direction. I have with the help of my colleague crushed skipiphany and where it is going. To develop an entire electronic component is way to difficult for us at this point in our lives.

What type of comany is easiest to develop...no overhead and low startup capital... SOFTWARE...the best part is that we can outsource projects of this nature. So ideally nothing more than a couple hundred gees.

what type of software or service or content. a virtual company is easy, no product.

gotta figure out the service needed for the future. wireless makes the most sense



i've never been sick like this, I don't even know if i'm SICK. This is kinda nuts, but i've got the dizziness like a drunk person but i didn't drink yesterday!! Dr. Pal thinks its just dehydration and some weird mj that could be the culprit.

lying down