TGIF, i feel like a kid waiting for the recess bell to ring....

Its friday, and i'm loving it. Can't wait to relax, party a bit and play some cards. In a odd account i actually ditched my boyz last night for a random party, which was pretty horrible in the beginning. Best conversation of the night: K is actually a sophomore @ Brown

K:what year are you?
V: i actually work in providence, i graduated last year
K: oh really which high school, i have a friend from around here.
V: haha...Actually Hall High, right down Thayer, i turned down my scholarship to Harvard to kick start my career as a magician..
V: nah i'm playin, let me correct myself i graduated from Hopkins last year

Alright its not that funny, but it was 6 drinks down. Either way its good to know that young babies are still within my playing field. K skies, which is a start. Either way i'm movin to Cali haha

we'll see what happens.

Pic from my bday in NYC this year.


chicken parmigiana

man do i love chicken parms.... i'm so disgustingly full right now i don't know what to do. Anyways i've been hard at work these past couple days, my boss has been riding my ass. Either way i will be enjoying this weekend a bit, relaxing, maybe going to foxwoods to play some cards. The weather is depressing, its freezing outside and i hate providence more with each passing day.


i can almost feel the golden sunrays on my skin now.

ahhh back to work



so far from friday

"We confess our little faults to persuade people that we have no large ones."
- Francois de La Rouchefoucauld

So true. I think i may have used this quote already...man i got work it really sucks, i really hate this weather, its so dreary outside and all i want to do is go to bed and watch a bollywood movie.


Fat bEAts

currently listening to:

sean paul - we be burning
young jeezy ft akon - soul survivor
juelz santana - mic check

i love the Juelz song the most i think, the beats are great!

The only thing that sustains one through life is the consciousness of the immense inferiority of everybody else, and this is a feeling that I have always cultivated.
- Oscar Wilde


This weekend was great, had a great time friday and saturday night. Forgot how much fun just goin out and drinkin can be, as opposed to excessive drinking and wasting of moneys. In a twist of fate i am actually late on shipping one of my reports. So with this fun news i must go back to work. The future looks clearer everyday, its getting cold here and california is very very warm.



end of the week

drivin slow on sunday morning!!!
i never want to leave!

i need to stop wasting time on the internet, and start working out.

black, the color of my true love's hair.

i was gone for a minute, now i'm back.

I don't hate players, I don't love the game
I'm the shot clock, way above the game
To be point blank with you motherfuck the game
I got all this work on me, I ain't come for play
You can show the little shorties how you pump and fake
But dog, Not to def, I'm not impressed
I'm not amused, I'm not confused, I'm not to dude
I'm grown man business, and I am not in school
Put your hand down youngin' this is not for you

i wanna go snowboarding

that concludes this weeks random garble


almost thursday

your seat cushion may be used as a floatation device.
"Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else."
- James Barrie
So true.

my anticipation is climaxing, also saddening in the sense i will be missing some of my close buds, korey and bob-oh. The move is needed however.


palo alto

my boy described california well from an east coast perspective:

The Promised Land

As a east coast breed individual i will always be forced to rep my coast, however california is absolutely amazing. I mean the weather is fabulous, the women are beautiful, and people are more friendly. Everything just seems more fun. Regardless everything seemed great, i'm like 99.9999995% everything will work out, just have to make sure it all happens soon enough. I'm absolutely loving the place, i have friends in the area and can't wait to move out there. On a side note, i will be sad to leave my current place as i have grown a weird bond with providence despite me complaining about how terrible it is. Either way no jumping to conclusions as I need to have paper in my hands saying CONTRACT.

peace out homies, you'll know when i'm out to the left coast.


I'm goin goin back back to CALI CALI

Tommorrow i will be flyin to the west coast, San Fran to be exact... w00t w00t

Parasitic star gazer dancing on a plane of lucidity. The lights scintillating above creates the impression: Is this divine consciousness? She looks down, as flowing strands of vibration encompass her mind and overcome her body. This must be a dream she thinks as she takes the final step.

First piece of fiction i've written since highschool, not good, just not horribly bad. Anyways in interesting news, i opened a online poker account on bodog, its horribly addictive and terrible for me. I watched Ong-Bach:Thai Warrior, not a good plot yet muay thai is brutal. I looked back through my archives yesterday and realized what i initally set this up to be, it has absolutely no direction now... I think i will start doing that again, and stop getting owned by the kryptonite called online poker. Despite the money made, the stress is horrible and there is no ease of mind. if you are reading this you can see how i jump from topic to topic, its like i'm on crack or something. hmmm... i can't wait to head up to the mountains!


Sepia Mutiny

today has been ridiculous, i've had some hilarious conversations with people on Sepia Mutiny and their website. The game by Neil Strauss.. DESIFIED, potential titles:

Indo-american princesses and their beds
How to pick up desi chix for dummies.
The Brown Game: Penetrating the south asian scene
ABCD Man's guide to not being a retard
how to find a girl to bring home to matha ji
how to get laid by a bharat nathyam queen
What can brown skin do for you?
What can foreskin do for you !!! HAHAHA sorry jewish south asians this excludes you

those are all terrible, but it sure beats thinking about work stuff. besides its almost 3:15. Either way perhaps these people up in boston will be interested in workin on this gig... its a good change up.

In other news check this straight from an email:

Overall, my hope is to have you exposed to many things and let you learn on
your own - your goal will be to want to learn, put in the long hours to
learn, and really come up to speed on what all we are doing. Then you can
also be a key helper in many areas, which increase your value as well as
your knowledge base.

This is an ideal opportunity to really sink in your teeth and put the effort
to get ahead and be valuable. This is what I would recommend highly for
anyone coming into the valley - a startup is where you can have an
opportunity to do so many things and learn so quickly. You have to keep a
"cool" head and never get frustrated.
THANK YOU GOD FOR GIVING ME DIRECTION!!!! actually thanks ramesh

Really gotta do work now, peace all


When it rains

Another gloomy day, reminds me of london, horribly depressing. Anyways, i have nothing to say other than i want to go home and watch ong-bach.


Nothing better

There is nothing better than an easy day of work....except when your the only bloody person in the office because you are the IT guy.

how did i get shat on this one, i do not know, well i do, except i don't want to accept it. In a half delusional sense tho i can't really complain for the fact that today still counts as a day of work, i mean i'm getting paid for sitting at a computer. NoW, what is much more important is that i get my haircut and am I am prepared for this coming weekend.

well i'm going to go kick something really hard.



Friday!!! Thank god cause i really am starting to hate work.

Well today was fantastic fun, i haven't done a damn thing. I am currently in the process of figuring out what i will do this weekend, right now i'm thinking of having a good time. My boy is prolly comin up this weekend, should be interesting.

BAH, ive been workin off this very slight hangover all morning.

can this day end already??!?!?

sorry i have nothing to say except i wanna go to sleep


Another bleak day [cont]

yea i think i might put the comment spam protection, goddamned bots. No need to punch people in the face N. hehe, although thanks for the thought, you my grrl!

I came up with a great idea for when i'm rich, well its to finally answer the age old question:

Silverback Gorilla VS. King Cobra!!!

i got my money riding on the king cobra. Although it comes down to who has the first strike. If i ever make a shitload of money, as horribly wrong as it is i'd go to some 3rd world country without any rules or bribe people and finally end this argument.

speaking of gorillas, i want to see the new KONG movie.

In even more crazy news, get ready to download your newspapers, color e-paper has arrived. Thanks Fujitsu.

peace i gotta get back to job, i'm officialy a disposable lighter repairman...i'm serious i'll give you my card if you want

Another bleak day

Well i must say i'm not in the most fantastic mood. let me lay it out:

1) moved from my normal location in the office to up one floor...goddamn it
2) i've been working for a year at my company, only one not to quit or leave, didn't get a raise... HAHA
3) gotta pay a stupid dentist bill from before going to india cause the fucking dentist people are incompetent
4) the biz plan i'm working on for work SUCKS ASS, its going no where

Good NEWS:
1) a couple of my boys from college live in Palo Alto which is right where i might be working so i'd have some friends in the area
2) finally talked with my uncle for whom i needed help from
3) hanging out with some people
4) Saw Ravi and Anoushka Shankar play some awesome sets @ UConn yesterday, scored her new album

1) get an offer from NI.
2) get an offer from S-LABS.
3) bounce each other around to get more cash
4) come back and submit my 2 weeks
5) plan out a great trip to visit all my headz around the country.
6) be a snowboarding bum all winter

1) i'm still in providence...wait no, i become a contractor and move home and save money and just have a blast until i find a real job.

Anyways thats enough of my rants.

someone just farted outside...probably my boss.

somehow i wish i was kidding
"I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end."

- Margaret Thatcher



i don't have much to say other than i can't wait for the ravi shankar concert tommorrow. In other news i will be in San Fran the weekend of the 16th, should be a good time. Missing out at work, unpaid days off.

On a side note, my boy, whose name is Vinay also (i call him 2.0) is part of a bhangra team, so i think i just may have to watch their team up in boston, which equates to just having a blast in Boston in a week or two, luckily i got some headz to crash with. In other news i chilled with one of "la familia" this past weekend, good times, its been long overdue, she just moved to boston as she's goin to tufts med school. Lots of great stuff going on in the future, can't wait.


mad money

In interesting side news, an old colleague from the summer dropped by, got some interesting propositions to work on. One that has some real potential for sure, i'm definitely going to be working on this one, will divulge more as it comes in.

on a side note i will be seeing ravi and anoushka shankar play, this time when i meet them i wont offend anyone.

will i be a niner's fan??

Well as all the important people in my life know the positive news, most do not. But before i jinx anything or mess it up i will just say, i may become a niners fan in the upcoming months. As i have mentioned numerous times earlier regarding S-labs, i have moved forward to speak with them, the meeting went well and i must saying i think the outlook is promising. Similarly i have been having talks with another company in SanFran with similar promise.

I am hoping that i will be a good fit with either of the companies, preferably the S-labs at it seems to be a much more adventurous group of guys. Like my professor said, big risk equates to big reward...this is my time to shine, helium turns to hydrogen when i shine as Del tha funkee homosapien would say.

What concerns me the most is the amount of bullshit i spew. What i mean is that i've been trying to conquer the world since i was at a young age, i mean from the business/wealth standpoint. like most young kids, these antics tend to diminish with maturity and age, in my case however they have seemed to flourished. I'm not saying i'm angy/worried about it, i'm saying im reaching a turning point which requires me back up all that bullshit. Its do or die, this is the time, the real test, which determines whether or not i am what i claimed i will become for years. I know i can do it, its just doing it which is the bastard of the whole thing.

i have faith, my boy kore has faith, "if anyone can do it, i know you can"
thanks bro, means a lot coming from a brother.

will update you with news once more is discovered or i get something written in paper.

in other news i learned the story of how the guy at my deli who serves me coffee became a dolce and gabbana model...i think i'm going to start working on a small literary piece with him on it.

we'll see where it goes.

thought this was a funny quote, i love the sarcastic irony.

"It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of



Saturday morning

in an interesting turn of events i will be going to boston today, hopefully i will also be able to meet up with some friends.

ON a hilarious side note, the guy who works at the deli i go to all the time, was a former male model for ford models and has been in a number of dolce and gabbana ads and fashion shows.... Now you probably are like, are you kidding me...but then you might take a closer look at many of the dolce models and that they typically aren'y your classical beauty type characters. Don't get me wrong i completely thought it was bullshit until i saw all of the ads and his portfolio... Its bizarre because we alwasy talked about europe and he'd give me some strange account. It all lead from me asking him waht he did, and he just said i was a international model for dolce, my gut reaction was me too, i love making shit up all the time.

Upon seeing the portfolio and being in complete shock, my first question was, did you ever do coke with Kate Moss, to which the answer was "NO, but i did tell her off at a show in Paris." Now this is still difficult to imagine as this guy works at a Deli in providence, RI making breakfast sandwiches and getting coffee. Either way i'm still very intriqued, as i see this guy everyday i will continue to ask questions, I tried finding some of his ads online to no luck, if i do find one i will post it... its so bizarre who you meet sometimes. He said he did have some connects still at ford models and his representation in london and paris, so if i knew any cute girls i should point him there way. Either way i was like bro, where is all your clothes you got from dolce, to which he explained how his crotian roomate stole all of his wardrobe including a hand tailored valentino suit before he dropped out of that world. The worst part of the story is that he stopped because he had a son, whom he hasn't seen in 3 years who's now turning 9. The guy is 29, he looks like he's 24, apparently he lived like a rockstar for 3 years, from 22-25....
what a fucking movie!!!
his name is casey.
i have people who can corroborate every detail in this story, so as much as you are thinking i'm full of shit, i will eat you for breakfast on this one.