move over

Alright, so if you don't know then there is a reason. But my current situation has put me into a position with an oppurtunity.

So first of all, my boy is a promoter in the city, which is fabulous since he get me into clubs and shit. While he's a brilliant business man, lacks the saavy of the techno-nerd, which i have ample amounts of. So after scrutinuzing the competition, there is a site out there. clubplanet.com

They have a shitload of venues, they are aiming at profits of 22 millino this year alone. They offer a number of services which are well beyond anything we want to deal with. However an oppurtunity exists for a geographically based system which ties in new technologies no one has even thought of.


one of my favorite comments is
actions speak louder than words
and while its blantantly obvious what it means, i find the majority of people either (1) believe it, but feel as though it doesn't affect them or (2) can not deal with the inference that people don't want to hear them talking.

I for one, talk a lot, i know it, blabbering about random shit all the time. However i don't feel that i fall entirely into the second category, only because when push comes to shove, i do back up words with action, or at the lease admit my inability to follow through.

The main group this affects are the fools out there who constantly are in denial that they are incapable of change or at the very least the change is difficult. While anyone who knows me knows i am a pessimist and generally negative. Don't look at me like that, its true, you probably are a piece of shit, but pretend to not be. Holden Caulfied in nature, i think most people are phonies.

i think its from living in the city, where everyone wants to pretend they are someone they're not. start taking action people instead of pretending.

that goes for me too...