craig the word of the day is J - O - B

I need to get a J-O-B...... my job here sucks, well not entirely, i just am depressed cause there is no one to hang out with, i have to go to Boston, NYC, or CT to have fun, not to shit on korey or bob, who are my buddies here, its not like they're going to find this blog..ha

The future looks promising, i did a nice craigslist search for "business analyst" and "junior professional" comes up with a lot of stupid jobs, but they are stupid jobs in NYC,Chitown, Boston and San Fran. Yea to real cities.

I've been contemplating my future/career and am wondering what the fuck makes sense. There are many routes to success, here are the factors, there are a shitload of guys at McKinsey, BCG, etc who make like 500k - 2 mil. a year, i mean thats when your 50, to do that it requires, the corportate ladder climb and bullshit. The thing is its nearlly guaranteed if you work hard. the other route is being an entrepreneur, this is the whole risk/return issue, if you make it, you can make it huge and be 30 with 30 million, but if you fail...well then you go to B school, and join the McKinsey assholes, only thing, you've behind by a couple years, not that it really matters. One thing that is affecting my choices is that i can't stand being a clone. There are million stupid assholes who do the Mckinsey type route, like investment bankers.... many are complete idiots. Its a beaten path. If i recall correctly, my goal in college was to never have a boss, which is only possible to be done via being an entrepreneur.

Case closed: B-school is for losers without dreams, i'm not hating, i'm just saying. I'd rather go down in burning glory and end up in B-School than just be a corporate drone and wonder what could have been.

i came to one big realization yesterday, which is basically that reading makes me happy. As stupid as that sounds, its true, spending time on a computer can be considered reading, but not like a book. Either way i guess what i'm saying is that i need to read more than i have been.

In other news, i really hate where i am, why? its Providence, a lil shit town, and i live by Brown University...these hypocrites, not only are they elitests, they think they are so fucking liberal....maybe thats why you have to be a brown student to get in their library...elitest bastards. Way to give back to the community, you get 130k from each student and you can't let the poor kids down the street read a book in your library. They are so elite that they are too good for downtown, they created Thayer Street, which is its own bizarre world. You see, hairy armpitted tree hugger stoner types sitting on the corner, trust fund babies wearing fendi and driving around in range rovers, a black kid who hacky sacks....wtf are you serious, when's the last time any self-respecting black person was hacky sacking...fuckin oreo, hey i'm an asshole, but i'm called whitewashed all the fucking time..so FUCK YOU for judging me.

So many hopkin's kids have an inferiority complex for not getting into the IVY of their choice. This complex can translate into a few things, primarily 1)working super hard to destroy the competition or 2)be a lazy piece of shit....you can guess which one i chose, although i'm not heart broken about not getting into Columbia(hopkins had a better engineering program)

The one thing i will say about hopkins is that it beat the living hell outta me, academically wise. I mean these kids at Brown don't have to uncover grades, they can drop classes it won't show on their record, basically stuff you could never get away with at other top schools. i'm willing to bet about half of my first born that if you dropped a group of average students from Brown and put them into hopkins they'd start to get shitted on, and if you did the same for hopkins kids and put 'em in Brown they'd shine. Brown kids are smart, there is definitely genius around here, i'm not denying that, but i guess thru deduction it would say competition at Hopkins is ridiculous and thus forces you closer to our potential.

anyways enough of my banter...back to the sounds of james holden and the wonderful world of middleware within high peformance computing system for large discrete simulations. <- only useful for a couple things computational biology/bioinformatics and oil,gas, and petroleum exploration...

my new motto:
~yo i'm from UP, we rob people for fun~

UP=uttar pradesh, backwards ass state in India where my family is from


middies day

whew, what a relief... from what you say???? all the random crap that has been going on.
My current client is basically just a senile old man who wants me to do his bidding...i mean come on if you want me to actually help you, you need to let me.
fuck this, i'm not wasting my time on it.

In other news i need direction, seems like ive said that 20 times atleast on this retarded blog. Sorry for whoever reads this, its not very good, as i do it at work, which you geniuses are capable of figuring out since its got time stamps.

i am listening to Cosmic Gate - live at IDT Radio, not a bad mix, keeps me from taking a nap on the floor next to my desk...well that and the my co-workers who are in the same room as me.

On an interesting note i actually watched the first episode of "everybody hates chris" on google video, must say it kicks ass, both google vdo and everybody hates chris. Chris rock is comic genius....


so so true.

in my quest to rule the world i wouldn't mind creating a crack epidemic throughout the white folk community, like putting it mayonaise or some shit that white folk eat.

sorry my rants aren't even good today...i'm garbage

peacE i must continue working for the man


deli on the Square

that is my destination at roughly 10:00 am. hazelnut coffee and croissant...god damn how i wish i lived in paris for breakfast.

"We confess our little faults to persuade people that we have no large ones."
- Francois de la Rochefoucauld

How true is that? i mean it is blatantly logical, but what isn't?? perhaps that is why i get angry reading psychology and business, it's all logic which some moron has giftwrapped in words and poof, they're a genius. I guess thats also the american dream to some extent, do hardly anything or notice something small, and make it big. anyways back to reality, i am getting terminated from my apartment once my lease is over, we will try to find out if we can leave early and move to another location, which would be sick. Other than that 2.0 may be sort of phonical in the sense of caucusbloximus, its weird can't really explain the vibe. Worked on www.vinaythakur.com some more last night, figured out how to get the buttons working along with having a nice lil blurring graphic for a button. I will prolly update it once a week, that seems the most logical.

lyrics of the day:
Ayo my quality control, captivates your party patrol
Your mind, body, and soul
For whom the bell tolls, let the rhythm explode
Big, bad, and bold b-boys of old
Many styles we hold, let the story be told
Whether platinum or gold, we use breath control
So let the beat unfold, intro on drum roll

- Jurrassic 5


case of the Mundaise

Its monday morning and i'm loving work!

It is undesirable to believe a proposition when there is no ground whatsoever for supposing it is true.
- Bertand Russel

I need to start developing a goal in my life, i am currently trying to take on too many projects, all of which are being done half-ass. This is completely futile since i am not really accomplishing anything what so ever. This week my goal is to make a list of feasible projects, ones which can be done. Mainly the largest is going to be get my act together, i figured out my correlation with despondency has everything to do with my lifestyle. Basically i was on the right track before i left for india. I need to start eating healthier and excercising regularly, the major benefits, endorphins! Also intellectual stimulation is a must, i haven't been challenged since college, i need to keep learning! this is doable thru reading and also projects...

gotta figure it out...we ain't kids no mo'


Fridizzle - cont.

i can't fucking wait to get the fuck out of work its almost time to leave....15 minutes left of hell...

I didn't go to boarding schools
Preppie girls never looked at me
Why should they?
I ain't nobody
Got nothing in my pocket

Beverly Hills
That's where I want to be
Livin' in Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills
Rolling like a celebrity
Livin' in Beverly Hills

weezer is the shit, i love this song...thats where i want to be!!! Entourage baby, you can call me E!!

in other news, i may actually live with a kid named Vinay!!! what the fuck is going on...hey if he brings beautiful babies to the pad, i'll have no complaints.

in other news...romp.com is gone, no more Jake or Booty Call, i will be finding the links and putting them on www.vinaythakur.com.


"It is the nature of all greatness not to be exact."
- Edmund Burke

Thank god it is finally friday.... basically the adult version of the bell we used to have in high school. I have plenty of bullshiting to do today, along with random work. Also we had to dress up as some state rep. is stoppin by. Hopefully this weekend will be a blast, i'm thinking i will be heading to nyc either tonite or tommorrow, however i have failed to make plans like always... i'm just a lazy sack of shit.

On a side note i actually excercised yesterday...almost died, jumping back into running with a couple of triatheletes isn't exactly the best idea.

NEED TO LEAVE PROVIDENCE... It sucks complete ass... all the Brown kids really love it, maybe there is somethin i haven't discovered yet? perhaps hugging the trees makes you love this city



Yo forgot about this pic, its me, my sis and my boy from college who was on his first trip to India.... this is our auto-rickshaw ride back from brigade rd.

banGalore pics

Pictures from Bangalore i finally decided to post.

Damn Son

~ Style fresh, like I'm still a day old, And it's been like that since the day yo ~ mos
definitely my motto of today

the salutation from an email from my father:

"Dear Young and Naive son, best of luck!"

gotta love that guy, tis true tho...

On a side note, i've made some head way with Project NativeIndian... i hope to god it works, also i've been getting hit by the kyrptonite...goddamn, i'm such a bitch...

interesting enough, www.vinaythakur.com is doing well, learned some nifty little tricks for flash, my goal is just to get the buttons working in a functional manner. get some minor animations to work well.

on a side note i did a lot of fake work yesterday, aka looking up stuff.... SquidLAbs got some more publicity! w00t i hope i can grab a job there

interestingly enough providence is a shitty little town, all the Brown people i talk to love it... ME well i just think its garbage, maybe cause i don't know anyone here other than headz from CT.

time to get back to my cube monkey status


I'm a travellin man

"i'm a travellin' man, movin thru places, space and time, gotta lot of things i got to do"
- mos def

The mighty mos said it well. so i finally have made plans to make it out to the windy city and then a lil south from there. Travel itenarary for the next two months.
DC - gotta party in dupont circle with my boy before he loses his fabulous apartment
Chi-town - visit the fam. also figure out how MC CoCopuffs will become rich
St. Louis - wine-tasting party along with other debaucheries
Dallas - perhaps????
Tennessee - visit the old roomate perhaps??

NExt year -
PARIS this time for real fun, watch a lil french open, Champs-Elysees in the evening, beautiful babies everywhere...oddly it will prolly be like my adventure to paris last time, where the only hot girl i met was from SoCal...

Outside of this Project NativeIndian is in full swing, i am coercing my lil cous into getting into the action, bringing in the younger crowd. also maybe something like this will help his dumbass get into a good college!!!

i'm out i actually have real work today...yea opposed to that fake work i do



So i'm finally working on a real project....which is set up to fail. The business plan is great, something i can throw down on my resume for doing, the technology is however too early stage and there are a 1000 competitors with the same product, perhaps mine has better results, but if no one cares whats the use.

Its the age old scientist who created the new garbage bag which can never be torn...its great, people love it, oh it costs 20 bucks a bag....well i guess there may be some military people interested....but, oh fuck it...its garbage, come up with something better.

its easy to stand on the sidelines and laugh at someone else's invention....but hey thats my job

On a side note, the website is slowly slowly improving. Adding a little bit of content. Still working on developing my flash skills a little bit more. Maybe a nice little intro or something

Planning on going to NYC this weekend, should be great fun.


project NativeIndianS

the first launch of www.vinaythakur.com has happened!!! check it out, its still far from being done the only part partially completed is the menu system.... it will be updated don't you worry.

In other neus, my GuD eyedea is being put into effect... I talked with my long time partner in crime la femme, and we're moving forward with it. The goal is by the end of the week is to have the questions we want to ask be completed. This will undoubtedly be the hardest part of the job at first, later on will be getting the various demographics we want and finally aggregating the data as to notice interesting trends.

As you know my background isn't in psychology, but i feel its a fairly logical science, being a person i imagine i will be able to extrapolate the important aspects.

like ol dirty said.... I LIKE IT RAW

thats the goal of project NativeIndianS

this is going to be fabulous


Phatty J

"Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute."
- Josh Billings

Well my life is improving, i was just tasked to do some REAL work. No shit... Anyways i actually met some people from Brown who aren't losers! although i think they have no idea who they are about to mixed up with...hahah

my life is improving in leaps and bounds...

current reading: shalimar the clown - salman rushdie
current music: weezer - beverly hills


Finally a guD ideA

The idea has been thought up a million times, its been done i'm sure, but has anyone done it well or from my perspective i think not...
what is a neccessitty to getting a job... a network

Indians do it well. We all have such mental issues its hilarious, there will be a market for psychologist which specialize in a condition of 'abcd'.

HERE the idea, basically, set up 10 very very specific questions which we then ask all all first generations indian americans to answer.. I want to aggregate the data, somethigng simple which can show statistical regressions, along with interesting psychologic implications. The idea is to create an interesting documentary or paper on it.

The key difference is this: not focussing on the major parts. I'm talking about asking questions like, when was your first memory of realizing that you hate being different from everyone else? what is the most blatant beating you have?(for what) What drugs do you do?

Its going to be gritty and raw and have character, each of the interviews will also have info on the person and what they do. I think with even a 100 interviews this could be very interesting. Perhaps making it a movie after with real interviews.

Its an eyedea. All of us are fucking engineers, scientists, doctors,and programmers, we know not of these things..... there are very few brave indns out there...

i want to be one...even tho i'm an engineer at heart.


I decided i must make my own webpage, now the part that requires effort is the design and content.
title - digable Flow

- publications/writing
- resume
- projects
- music
- ideas

Design - simplisity is the key to understanding

black, nice flash menu plus some basic stuff.

NEU eyedeA

New idea, for all of us who lack the natural hemingwayesc touche, a search engine which understands an idea, ontology based shit, its references will be books by good writers, and will find sentences which refer good ideas... the more i think about it the more difficult it seems, it would be a way to create the ultimate dream software for every boy and girl, a piece of software which can change the quality level of writing...is it feasible yes, will it require millions of dollars of investment for development... YUP who's the market, kids... i guess so and maybe writers, but then anyone could become a good writer using this...maybe bad for humanity as a whole when it comes to artistry and talent.


I have not posted in a while, i have been working on a number o f things, primarily growing up and not being depressed about my horrible current home i call providence, RI.

The worst part is the inability to realize why exactly this place is soo fucking depressing, its a quaint small town, i live in a nice apartment and i have a few good friends...the question is whether or not this is happening because of providence of me...nothing is black and white so clearly.

What i am doing, well to improve my overall happiness i have been getting more excercise than the usual...playing tennis, although i've broken another string and now have no usable racket.
NEED TO find a job... i can't fucking stand where i work, the people are okay, i am not learning anything new, and can no longer tolerate going in day after day....the work isn't hard, challenging or anything, i just milk it, and i don't like doing that

FIND A Job vinay...
1) i may try to get a job in nyc as a day trader, there is a lot of potential to make lots of money.
2)must call squidlabs, i have no idea what Saul is doing right now
3)send emails to my hitlist - i.e. ramesh, neil, everyone
4)send emails to my sanfran crew - gotta get the trust fund babies working on my side

I checked out the idea with the magazine, its not going to work really, www.sepiamutiny.com is a dope site which does what i wanted to do. I emailed them in regards to setting up a real magazine, they have no one who can handle doing that or works on it fulltime....the artists/writers who bust their asses at some low wage job all day and then write to their hearts content at home after work in a desperate attempt for someone to appreciate their work...noble
I have no natural ability to write or any disposition to really try to, i do have an uncanny ability of destroying things. This may sound stupid, but i operate on a fuel called spite. I never have excelled in anthing unless someone told me i wouldn't... i mean don't think you can trick me into solving your problems, but if you think you're the shit, i will slap you in your face with your own feces. (very mature vinay, very mature)

Regardless of me going off on a tangent, my gut reaction is that there is an audience for a magazine such as sepia mutiny. now i think the best way to approach them however may simply be to create a strategic partnership with them, such as creating a magazine but using a lot of their content. I mean come on they're all writer want-a-bes, if i publish any of their material, they'll love it. If i give them a little bit of dough, they'll be even happier...they say they're not in it for the money...however how many great things can last without money being involved in some sort of form.

Chutney Sandwich???? perhaps


Laborious Day Weekend

i am not as clever as i could be.

had a productive weekend, discussed a few potential options for the future regarding my employment. I did find something that intriqued me. Online magazines. So i spent a solid amount of time going to different websites at work...because i hate work. To make a long story short i hardly find any good literature on south asian youth, i mean there is lots of garbage on bollywood, desi party, music, nothing with real substance, style or insight. I mean i'm not saying it has to be very serious, just a good portal where you get relevant information without thousands of pop up or martimonial ads. There are a few asian american sites such as yolk, theme and hyphen. They are decent, but don't have any real south asian/indian flava, mostly east asian writers, news, etc. I'm not saying they don't have south asian stuff, just not nearly enough. So the idea is to possibly focus on something for our american south asian community. There are a shit load of cool indians like myself, who are segregated from the 'indian'/desi community because of various reasons. I'm not proposing a method of bridging this, but to some extent. More like gearing something towards them more. Basically a portal with solid writers/good topics with other fun stuff, like music, fashion, etc.

I dunno, but i'm going to find out if desi's like me would be interested in something like this.



haha my interest into the indian music industry has increased...everyone seems to be garbage, with help from Geefield i could be huge...haha

i'm only saying this cause i'm listening to the maine pyar kyun kiya soundtrack on internet radio right now...

TwO weakS

Its Friday...thank god thats all i have to say...and a long weekend.

Regardless, I will have a solid amount of time to do web research regarding my next job.
In other news, a former foresight co-worker is visiting this weekend... i don't know why anyone would want to come back to this city...well maybe if you lived in cleveland...haha the midwest sucks.

Anyways need to further investigate the potential for R & D outsourcing, develop a market or atleast figure out how its being done. I am losing focus everyday...its so easy to when there are so many distractions.


the BendS!

not a bad album, much better than OK computer in my opinion.

"Punctuality is the virtue of the bored."
- Evelyn Waugh

Anyways so back to reality again, i spoke with a former co-worker about my current predicament at work, that it is garbage, everyone excercises the same anger. oh well time to make a hitlist, i go where the money comes.

People say i shouldn't be so bitter or waste my energy, there is a french saying for it, basically saying i'm hotheaded because i am young... anyways

Back to figuring out my future...i want a nice huge fun job, i'm thinking the best route will be hitting up all the bluechip VCs and finding their portfolio companies and hopefully getting in on one of them..
Also maybe go to www.tie.org in boston to see if i can find any prospective companies to do work.

GOTTA COME UP WITH AN IDEA....fucking shit, i need something to do!!

R&D outsourcing, perhaps, will start investigating it.

cheers to PROV, it was fun for a while but i'll be gone in december