can't sleep (part deux)

i am such a miserable idiot, i just read a few of my first entries, wow the 22 year old version of me was a million times more ambitious. i literally was on the right path and made a wrong decision... following the beaten path like a sheep.

goodnight and goodluck, i will be sleeping soundly.

can't sleep

i can't sleep for shit tonight, so i figured i would try to read a book. Well after about 10 pages i was like wow this is not interesting, so like a true genius i decided i would do work. by work i mean actual work...like for the man...what the hell is wrong with me? once completed i decided to reward myself with a 5$ bottle of figi water. the bottle like any other figi water bottle is delicious, the need however to put a cardboard cover over the cap with $5.00 boldly written in Helvetica Neue trounces my spirit.
"Hey you, yea, the guy in the striped pjs, just letting you know, don't think you get this shit for free"
BUT i'm thirsty damnit~! its entertaining to think that its 420am right now, and i have to be at the office in less than 4 hours. while this is far from absurd, it's hilarious in a "fuck i'm old" kinda way. i can't really tell if i'm even coherent write now, and honestly i don't think anyone reads this blog anymore.

why can't i sleep? ay, there's the rub, luck be told that the fairest of them all wouldnt even know what i say. confused wonderment perhaps is the only explanation. its strange the lens one sees the world through and how desperately one may want to peer through anothers to see their own reflection. my eyes are growing heavy, a good sign, perhaps i will try again tomorrow, however much earlier in the night.

if you read this, post a comment, its curious, and i apologize already for this aberration of a post.