winded by chiCITY

Booyakasha, i'm back in the real city. Chitown was a grand old time. Actually i was locked up in St. Charles, IL about like 1 hr away from chitown. EVERYTHING IS SOOO BLOODY FLAT!!

Core analyst school was alright, slightly more fun than a root canal. 11 hours a day locked in a classroom and massive consumption of alcohol in the evenings, it was a cross of highschool and college. Although it could have been much worse, luckily i had some interesting characters in my group, we got Lotte, Baldy, John Wick, Barcelona, and Ztv. all interesting personas, must give the prize to Barcelona, pronounced 'Barshaloena', for skipping 4 hours of class and hiding in his room while security went looking for him during the Champions League final between Arsenal and Barcelona. up like 10 notches in my book. Our group was the dog's bollocks for sure, we won some accenture branded coffee holder/mug thingys.

There are a number of hilarious anecdotes from the trip, which could consume a number of pages, i may write out a few of them, infact i will at some point, most of the great ones are in regards to Ben aka. Josh Weinstein, and his knack to say the most hilarious shit at the most random times.

Anecdotes to expand on:
  • me getting attacked by a bush
  • me absorbing an entire glass of sam adams with my clothes
  • josh's statement about getting ass as soon as a chick walks on the elevator
  • josh's statement about liking black men with british accents
  • josh's statement in regards to him not being straight
  • me saying "where the fuck are we??? bombay??" and immediately getting a number
  • me bailing out of being a wingman when mayday signals were flying out
  • pretending to be a manager
  • saying "fuck you dude" to a faculty member while wasted, not realizing he is a faculty member
  • i'm the juggernaut BITCH!!!
  • getting taller with josh and krishna gopal reddy, haha

Anyways more to come as i explain the best ones in the future, overall the trip was good, met some cool heads who i'll hopefully chill with in chitown next time i visit.


Murray HiLL

yo check it, I've been in murray hill for the last 2 weeks, Terrible. either way my stint with jersey is nearly over, i shall be heading back to the city, however only to take a flight to chicago on sunday. Chi city should be a good time.

Summary of current events in my life:
the highlight of my day involves playing soccer with my lil cousin and his neighborhood. i feel like billy madison.

actually i have been exploring some new music, which ain't too bad, check out www.pandora.com

Tiesto - Love comes again(feat. BT)
don't give up - chicane(not new at all, but such a great song!!) this album is one of the best in my opinion

Anyways in the spirit of hilarity, hindi movies still crack me up beyond no believe. I dunno if anyone has seen Bluffmaster or the songs, either way seeing Abishek Bachan acting like a gansta is quite hilarious, although i must say priyanka chopra could have a successful future as a chick in music videos.

Everytime i watch hindi movies i get angry for some reason or another, 1) the dudes are usually horribly ugly and i feel that i could be a better actor, or i'm just jealous cause they got beautiful girls on their arms, probably the latter. 2) american-esqe music is so horrible that i feel i could put together better tracks in my sleep. Seriously i could probably take a dump on a piece of paper and come up with better lyrics.

Either way i'm never going to do anything about it, so i might as well just not watch hindi movies altogether. i'm yet to really figure out my subconscious anger towards indian people. that is altogether another thesis to write out. If any of you ever read my xanga you may have gotten some of my previous theories relating to my insanity. xangaid mahavinyl_nripa. I actually had an audience, primarily due to the fact i did nothing at my summer internship like 3 years ago. Scoured the internet for hot indian chicks and posted their pics, I'm talking style and grace, not the garbage pics that most desi people consider nice. There again i'm hating on desis, dunno why, do i think i'm better than them....

I'm a prick what can i say. I'm turning into a bastard clone also.

a desi yupster in manhattan, a suit in the morning, a black shirt and shiny shoes at night, $20 drinks i don't really want, but want to order. Talking to brown golddiggers interested in my car and where my apt is. This isn't life, its manufactured consumerism

I'm out. I'ts official, no more phoniness. TIME TO BE REAL.

peace i'm out of here, seeya in chicity, home of mass hysteria