Mad props

"do you know what props mean?"

perhaps the most hysterical thing to be asked by a young-un.

my response, "doesn't that mean its totally rad, dude"

in truth the conversation never happened, however its still funny.
On a side note, i'm hit with the kryptonite at work and don't want to do anything. I actually had to re go thru this blog in order to make sure there was no info which could be misinterpreted by new readers...aka work people.

yea, if i get in trouble for any of this, mark my words, you will go down. It may be mentally, it may be your computer, it also may be my fist going through your face, while your getting into your apartment.

haha just kidding, i saw 4 brothers yesterday, explains the agressive violence.

ANYWAYS, back to reality and fake work.


do you know the muffin man???

i do...infact we used to hotbox the back of his entemann's truck.

Its friday...thank god.

ferry corsten - rock your body rock

i have spent soo long trying to find that song, a couple years, thanks pureDJ.com

payce kids i'm outta here


Point of no returN

Immortal Technique is treason to the patriot act
So come and get me mother fucker cause I'm not coming back

Universal truth is not measure in mass appeal
This is the last time that I kneel and pray to the sky
Cause almost everything that I was always ever told was a lie


Comment from anonymous yesterday.

So thats what it comes down to in the end? So top tier universities make you the man. You are worst than all of them.

I see people hating other people
Tell me what's the reason
For these wars we're fighting with each other
Season after season
When you're workin' hard, but there ain't nothing comin'
What's the reason?

You act like a bitch, shooting with his eyes closed.

Dear Anonymous,

Way to prove my point, I am worst than all of them, congratulations on your inability to read between lines. Maybe i'll break it down mono-syllabically for you to understand... the post was not meant for you... but it's understandable, it is fairly difficult to realize I am speaking about an individual...if you go to a community college or state school.... fucking retard.

By the way congrats on not being a bitch, shooting people with your eyes open is a much better approach.

For the sake of the art, don't quote NaS when it has no bearing on the argument...

anyways thanks for entertaining me for a few minutes, you should keep at it, you may have a future in entertainment.




Stay in your Space

To all the well-wishers to your face who secretly wish on your demise as a method of compensation for their own inadequacies.

The greatest danger
for most of us
is not that our aim is
too high
and we miss it,
but that it is
too low
and we reach it.

- Michelangelo

Your weak ass bullshit is no longer tolerable. I'm sick of being a nice guy. I was always fundamentally against the elitism which is often surrounds top tier universities.

Seriously, if you go to a community college don't try to prove anything to me. If you got to a state university shut the fuck up.



progress is underway, brainstorming is currently occuring, this is the point of no return.

Had a good conversation regarding the idea, now i'm getting stuck with actual work @ work, for some reason that is foreign to me.

motivation is an intrinsic quality needed.

arghh back to work


digable tuneZ

I'm a bastard it is true....while the team i am in is working heavily to circumvent a deadline, i spent the majority of the day on myspace music. my efforts are not with merit however, i did scrounge together a collection of fabolous tunes...

Tha liks – the flute song 2005

Tek – nothing’s gonna change

Talib kweli – getting up anthem

Camron - do your thing

Critical madness – dropped

Ghostface killah – be easy

Rkelly - player’s only

Talib kweli – my favorite mutiny

Supernatural – I’m a fighter

AZ – stay alive

P brothers feat. Milano – got it on me

Tragedy khadifi – break bread

Royce da 59 – blow that whistle

Blaq poet – we gonna ill

Lyrics born feat. Krs-1 – pack up (remix)

Immortal technique – the point of no return (BOTH ALBUMS)


Goldfrapp – supernature

Deep dish – say hello

Aphex twin – joyrex J5

Aphex twin - start as you mean

Atb – take me over, ecstasy

or die



rollin down 95

i need direction like tucker max

it's burnin'

revamped interest in skipiphany

gotta do it... hate this bullshit

IT is the worst job in the world

when will i move forward

koena mitra is ridiculous

ek haseena

i'm out gotta do work and get out of this bloody place.



i got hit really bad, I was out for like 3 days straight just sleeping, eating soup and reading/watching tv.

I was able to take a nice look at myself and what i need to do. Its 2006 i'm almost 24 and i need to jumpstart what i want to do or i'm going to end up in some shit job for the rest of my life.

So in the original interest of this blog, developing a business or idea which is beneficial and allows me to be financially independant i have decided to push indaGo further. This time, actually develop the concept further and developing an ideal implementation and get the ball rolling. I figured someone would have come up with the idea by now, however nothing appears to be really close.

In other news, the other Vinay actually had a great idea for outsourcing research assistance, aka become a sub contractor for academic research in the States. Ideallythe goal is to improve research within the area which is lacking qualified students and get some hungry kids in india some jobs. It looks feasible. Not too lucrative, but its a good idea.


gotta hold your head up high when shit gets tough...

living the easy life does not build character

currently listening to - bright eyes -gold mine gutted


New years resolutioN

wow its been a while, much has not changed since before. I have a lot to say but i feel like crap and i think i may be coming down with the flu...

yay for new years eve