Raja Yoga

You may ask what that state would be in which there is no mind, no knowledge. What we call knowledge is a lower state than the one beyond knowledge You must always bear in mind that the extremes look very much alike. If a very low vibration of either is taken as darkness, and an intermediate state as light, a very high vibration will be darkness again. Similarly, ignorance is the lowest state, knowledge is the middle state, and beyond knowledge is the highest state; the two extremes seem the same. Knowledge itself is a manufactured something, a combination; it is not Reality.

- Swami Vivekananda



Movin on up ....
to the Upper East Side

Yes you heard me, my new pad is at 82nd street between 1rst and 2nd ave....sadly closer to first, but i don't give a shit cause its in manhattan.

Anyways the job starts ont he 24th, movin' in sometime within the next week or so, gotta figure out what i'm bringing.

This is going to be great.