Shit hitz the faN

well one of my projects just basically got blasted out of the water...gotta blow off some steam


i'll i'm saying is for taking no risk asking 80% equity, no investment, you gotta be a stupid, and if you think that your "IP" which is garbage is worth that much than - fuck you!!!like Pal said, its a shoddy product for a hopeless company. You preach garbage and your so high off the paint fumes that you think the company is turning down money!!!

keep lieing to yourself you dumb bastard.

anyways...back to sanity...i got many bigger projects which can be done, the ideas never cease to come...gotta keep pushing it.

GLAD i figured out where that one was heading as soon as i didn't put too much effort into it. In the end if i fail, maybe this will make for some interesting writing...like 30 years from now, The life of Failed Genius....haha i don't really think i'm genius...just lucky enough

cheers to tommorrow, for i shall be workin hard and dissolving this company in 10 years

for the spite. =0 gosh thats some anger


SpittiN maDD hoT firE

Booyakasha --- Iz be nun utter dan da krown prinse

In real neus, i had a great weekend, went to the beach, hung out with old and new friends. Did not devote much time to my business ideas, although a little bit on sunday. I was successfully able to communicate the concept of how to set up a business to one of my friends, who was skeptical in regards to this being a dream or feasible in any sense. The answer is NO its not a dream and YES it is feasible. So here are some of the things i need to study, learn and master.

1)BUSINESS PLAN, you gotta have a biznass plan, otherwise you lose track...clearly this is the most important part and requires a shitload of work and time. there are many garbage business plans on the market and garbage books on the subject, doing this right requires some diligence and learning many new skills.

2)learning the VC cycle, basically how you go from idea to gaining capital from VCs, this is important, specially when wanting to make big money with big ideas..Ideally my dream is to someday end up a VC, might as well start learning how they work and how i can get them to give me some dough

3) BUSINESS ECONOMICS, this entails all the Corporate Finance, and corporate budgeting involved with a company. Micro and macro are also a plus. Gotta learn all the basics for this, no matter what, econ is for idiots, primarily cause its not difficult and was written by idiots, but it's the language of business to some extent. Mastery of business econoomics is essentential and not really that difficult... you gotta be able to think on your feet when talking to VCs, you gotta know a way to create a new solution...mastery is key.

4)DEALMAKING- becoming a rainmaker is a dream, yet it all stems from the art of deal making and negotiation... we had a 3 hr seminar at work on this on friday, it is quite intriguing. This i feel may be one of the MOST difficult things to master, and take years and years of experience.

I think expanding my busines skillZ is necessary in order to be functional, i am 23 years old, if i can maintain a high level of discipline, i WILL be a master.... BUDDHA PALM BITCHES...



so i invested 3 hrs of time today, a solid investment i must, found a lot of interesting information. Found some seriously potential oppurtunites, particularly within the biotech and healthcare industries... There is hardly any participation by anyone, actually there is none by anyone other than me...i guess i know who to depend on!! Its also only been like 3 days, not giving up hope, there are a few members.

Regardless, if i have to do it all myself its all good...why cause then i'll have control over what i want to do. Also no one can claim ownership to the idea. I guess no one is willing to put in work unless they are paid or there is some sort of incentive...lazy bastards...i am the same way, the only reason i do it now, i would likely say is cause i do it at work, cause i'm bored as HELL

these restless days


gOOgle GroupZ

So i set up the google group, but i spent about an hour setting up various sections which will organize any thought process...ONE person has actually come up with an idea, i am trying to goad him into using the group and posting it.

With participation this WILL work.

slippin + gud neus

"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative."
- Oscar Wilde

This maybe the slogan for the company, i want to spur people to develop newer methodologies for performing services...Enough vinay..i think we know what the goal is....like you were saying before follow through is what matters.

Slippin- i've been hit with the kryptonite yesterday, talked a little about potential projects, however ended up watching reruns of fresh prince of belair, although i did fall asleep at 11 pm which is good since i haven't been sleeping enough in the past 5 days. The one good piece of news is my bluetooth headset will be in so i can make phone calls from around my room opposed to having to hold that bloody radiation to the side of my head.

did some research on setting up deals and licensing, should say i actually just found some good books on the area. On the same page i am expanding my abilities to cover marketing, and concurrently i need to learn all the basics for financials. Ideally this coming week i will be able to meet with some people and get a lot of this material for free or loaned to me. The most crucial i feel is the deal making, and perhaps some negotiation type books, although a course on negotiation would be most beneficial.

This is ambitious as hell...but if i don't try now i never will...regret is an awful thing, especially in old age.


itZ wEdNezDay

Well its the middle of the week...hump day as some stupid american say. Did not spend too much time on my plans other than distribute the email group a little farther last night. I had a very interesting, solid converstaion/interview with a potential oppurtunity in California. www.squid-labs.com (prolly the coolest company i've seen in years) Celebrated by drinking beer and eating pizza, also my small number of friends in Prov are starting to dwindle, Ben my korean ex-stoner buddy from philly is moving back to finish a masters... all is not lost as Korey is moving here this weekend. Seperate my friends from my work...the slow process of exiting is showing.

Now whats important, i did some research on my frost and sullivan account regarding BPO and R&D outsourcing, There appears to possibly be some potential still with pharma reserach, however it would be from the lower tiers. One of the reports outlines some of the fundamental differences between India and China and where they are going in the future. Interesting enough. I would also venture off to say that big pharma has set up research facilities at all the recognized universities, IISC, IIT, etc. What may be potentially out there is the ability to create a research facility which is invested in by a group of small pharma/biotech companies. I don't konw the feasibility but if a 20 million dollar facility is set up by Ranbaxy, then why not pool 5 companies with 4 million in investment capabililtes to capitalize on the same intelligence. The logistics of this seem fairly extreme...its an idea, will be forwarding it to the whole group. Seems highly improbable, but nothing is impossible. Besides i think the goal is to eventually become the Wipro or Infosys but for everything they don't do...

On a side note, i was entertained with the possibility of working on a new project, very interesting, anywone have super programming skills because there is a possibility for big money.


ThinKTank GO!

First Successful Email launch!

Sharp 12:25 am, the first email for a thinktank/knowledge building group went out.

Currently there are only 5 member in the group, 2.5 indians (.5 white), 1 Sloan guy and 1 Brown guy. I honestly think that the group has some solid potential of coming up with lucrative markets eventually for a successful business model.

Anyone who is reading this and would be interesting to add feedback, has insight or is genuinely interested, let me know and perhaps I will put you on the list.

Either way based on the feedback, their participation, I will try and determine who is really interested and is willing to invest their time into the project. I have found in general that there are a number of lazy people who think ideas are great, have money to invest, but you need to hold their hand the entire time. They are weak and lazy and have to be motivated constantly to produce anything of substance or quality. These are the most annoying of colleagues as they add no-value to the group, unless they are ALL the money. The lack of initiative and motivation kills me.  In my experience they entangle themselves in to the point where it’s not worth the effort to get them out. They actually detract value from the company as they suck other people’s time and effort.

Not to start on a bad foot, but that’s the one thing I learned from my previous project, personnel is extremely important, finding reliable colleagues.  Either way I anticipate this thinktank group to grow to around 15 in a month or so, however I envision roughly 4 or 5 people to be part of the final group which I want to put together. I am almost for certain of one potential partner as I have worked with him on a previous project and he has a very sound business mind along with the ability to follow through.

I have been thinking of the type of team however which is needed for this situation. A profile of the type of people needed. I am thinking that group of young people (3) with 2 senior advisors would be acceptable. The young people I feel ideally will be capable of doing 95% of the leg work and invest a lot of time and effort into the ideas, this will entail doing the core research. I think kids my age are ideal as we have some business experience, a thirst for money and real business action, and most importantly no dependants. No one is counting on  us to bring home the bread, so this allows us for higher risk and reward type projects. This is the only time in our lives we will be given this type of opportunity as in 6 years half of us will be married or locked into some high paying job, difficult to get out of. The two senior advisors I envision will 1) listen to us young people and accept that we have a different thought process than them 2) guide us along with provide support via social/business networks and potentially bring in investment capital.

Whether or not this actually makes sense, I do not know, I do however feel that to start a company with a developed business deal for outsourcing will not require a significant amount of capital. A sound idea with a large market will allow to be started with as low as $200,000 capital and ideally will have high growth during the build up phase. I know its all a dream, but it is possible.

Determination, sincerity and hardwork rarely fail people.



“Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had.”
- Michael Crichton

I like this quote. Always been a fan of Crichton, well a lot more in 5th grade.

As I am American I have adopted a sense of entitlement and laziness not found anywhere else in the world, I never noticed the extent of this until my trip this summer to India. The crucial factor to me is not just recognizing this factor, but adjusting accordingly in order to leverage the resources and capabilities at our disposal to survive in the future.

I have just finished reading the book “The world is flat” by Thomas Friedman and it’s a wonderful account of the economics of the late nineties to now, it has an emphasis on India and China and the practices which are growing their economies at such a rapid rate.

Being a first generation India, I am the spawn of the first wave of exported genius, this engraves a number of horrific problems (we’re often called ABCDs, American born confused desis) socialization within a new society, being the pioneers for a new group of people in this country (I grew up in a upper middle class suburban town in Connecticut, that equates to about 12 people of color out of 800 students, 3 being black, 3 being asian, and 6 being of Hispanic origin).

However with these problems however I was also instilled with a number of extremely beneficial attributes, 1) I have a relatively strong innate learning and brain capabilities, my parents are very very smart and were part of a small group of highly elite Indians who made it over in the sixties 2) my parents work ethic, similar to many in India is extremely high, although I am lazy and was never forced to work hard as I was born into this beautiful land of opportunity called America, I know the discipline that is needed to be successful and know when the time comes I will be capable of performing that way, as I have had to in the past, primarily at Hopkins where natural raw talent will NOT let you graduate.
3) Most importantly, opportunity within India. The fact that I look Indian gives me an added advantage when trying to develop business opportunities in India, an advantage which white America doesn’t have but has been imposing on the rest of the world since the dawn of their insecurity (perhaps stems from their pencil thin, pasty white complexions) creating their imperialistic nature. Don’t worry white boy I don’t hate you, but I will take your job, and the rest of your families


I have set a number of goals which I ideally want to achieve:

1) Develop a business which has three main objectives:

  • a) makes me financially independent, I don’t want to be greedy, send my kids to college, some nice things, allow me to pursue my hobbies and interests such as snowboarding, scuba diving, lying on a beach, making a Bollywood movie!(not very expensive compared to American cinema, on the order of $600k), etc.
  • b) Create opportunity for people who have don’t, without capitalizing on their efforts, this is however directly aimed at people in India, people who have drive, ambition and intelligence…I’m not trying to be biased, there are a lot of lazy ass Indians in India, but there a lot of intelligent hard working people who have very difficult lives, whom if born in the circumstances I was, would be quite capable of being highly successful.
  • c) Shift the balance of power within the world, As the world is flat in this day in age of business, I want to see power being shifted from entitled Americans to people who deserve a chance of being successful, this means, Chinese, Indians, Africans, everyone who works hard but has the odds against them a 1000 fold.

2) Live well, be happy, healthy and constantly expanding my education and boundaries of thought, science and arts.

3) Be philanthropic. In my arrogant, self-entitled American mindset I have realized during this trip, that helping others is probably the most rewarding job in the world; something I haven’t really experienced, but imagine is quite fulfilling.

The Future of SanitY

[sigh] the fun is over and I am back in the States… I must say that with my heightened anticipation of nice facilities, I am sorely depressed... like winning the lottery but having your best friend move to South Africa…or something like that

There however is a solution and that is to take your new found earnings and move to South Africa

That is my plan…

Will divulge more information as more is learned… this is now becoming a milestone guide and account of how I’m tackling my new found ambition to become financially independent and pursue things which are worthwhile in life

In a crude context this means, entrepreneurship and eventually a successful business, but it also entails state of mind, perception and vision for the future. The way I see it there are a lot of ways to make money, but being happy is far different and almost never go hand-in-hand.

Pertinent information regarding me and my current status:

Graduated: 2004 , Johns Hopkins - B.S.Computer Engineering

Current job: business consultant within technology commercialization
Basically entails assessing technologies and determining strategies to bring these technologies to market…making money on them
     Start: aug 2004
Company: Foresight Science & Technology,
     Providence, RI